Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fans with fangs enjoying the Voltaire show in the Howlin' Wolf Den.
Vampire enthusiasts, pop culture and industrial fans, and Renaissance fest veterans packed the house at Howlin' Wolf's Den last night to kick-off the countdown to Fangtasia III.  The eclectic mix produced a lively and friendly crowd with several stand-outs including organizer Kurt Amacker and his wife Sabrina, the inimitable Lord Chaz, author Lewis Aleman, paranormal researcher Bernadine LeBlanc, photographer Becky Plexco, scene favorite Gina Valentine, and New Orleans' own Lisa Lansou.
Industrial performance artist Michael Gunn and Shrapnihil loosened everyone up with a European-style arthouse performance of beats and rhythms coupled with a fascinating mist and light show.  The audience was held transfixed throughout the set.
Dark cabaret star Aurelio Voltaire headlined the show.  Playing the guitar and accompanied only by a bottle of Captain Morgan rum, Voltaire performed fan favorites including "Death Death (Devil, Devil, Evil Evil)," "To the Bottom of the Sea," and "Don't Go By the River" which he dedicated to the "wicked" City of New Orleans.  Voltaire's performances thrive on audience interaction, and the Howlin' Wolf Den venue added to the intimacy especially when, several songs into the set, Voltaire appealed to a guy leaning against a wall to "flip that switch" because "ya'll can't see me!"  Sure enough, the spotlight that had been missing sprang to life.  This interactive rapport with his fans is obviously a big part of his appeal, to say nothing of the tricorn hat, frock coat, streaming dark hair and piercing eyes . . . 
This countdown event was a precursor, just a little something for fans to sink their fangs into while anticipating the main event.  Fangtasia III, featuring dark wave band Christian Death and industrial edge performance artist DJ Jyrki 69, will take place on July 20th with the venue being once again The Howlin' Wolf. 
An "anonymous" commentator wants you all to know that this is NOT
Michael Gunn (with Mohawk) enjoying Voltaire's set.
Gina Valentine (center) was on hand for the show.
Fangtasia event organizer, author and artist
Kurt Amacker, handling mc duties.
Lisa Lansou (yes, she's related to the witch)
taken by surprise!
Bernadine LeBlanc, founder of Louisiana State Paranormal
Research Society and one-half of Les Dames Sombres
du Paranormal, keeping her eye on the scene.

The author, Alyne Pustanio, enjoying
a rare night out.
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  1. FYI the guy with the mohawk is not Michael Gunn.