Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Alyne Pustanio is the foremost paranormal and occult expert in New Orleans and the U.S. Unparalleled in her knowledge of the folklore and genuine history of the Most Haunted City in America, Alyne takes you beyond the “tour gore” and “fakelore” into the real heart of her spooky home town.

A sixth-generation New Orleanian, a descendant of the family of American classical composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk and of Portuguese and Italian immigrants who can trace their lineage back to European Gypsies, many of Alyne’s ancestors were present at very beginning of some of the most notorious events in New Orleans history, such as the infamous 1834 fire at the Lalaurie Mansion and the 1837 capture of the criminal (and many say zombie!) Bras Coupe. These first-hand and family-based accounts are what inspired Alyne to write about the folklore and legends of New Orleans, and from them she has also crafted her works of supernatural fiction, truly haunting tales of Old New Orleans.

As an expert in her field, Alyne has appeared on and/or assisted the production staff of several popular paranormal reality shows including, most recently, SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” (“The French Quarter Fire,” September 2012) as well as productions for the History Channel, the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel, Destination America, Animal Planet, and the Golf Channel. Alyne also frequently lectures at regional conventions and paranormal events on a wide-array of paranormal subjects including a popular lecture series about the supernatural dangers of paranormal exploration (available soon in book form from (Creole Moon Publications) and her thought-provoking “Defense of Demons.” She is also a frequent guest for broadcast and online radio shows where she speaks on the subjects of the occult, the supernatural and trending topics in the world of paranormal research.