Roadside Memorials: Altars, Shrines & Grottos of the Dearly Departed

The title speaks for itself. We've all seen them, tucked away in the shade of trees along busy interstate highways, standing starkly on the side of a barren stretch of road, or looming out of the darkness along a winding country byway, each erected to the memory of loved ones, friends, even pets killed at precisely that spot at some sad moment in the past.

These somber artifacts are reflective of the everyday lives - and losses - of ordinary people, people just like us, across America and across the world. In "Roadside Memorials" we want to tell their stories.

The vast majority of these commonplace shrines are created in memory of the departed dead. Others, little grottos and hauntingly personal shrines, can be found connected to folk saints or legends and mark the living history of the people and the regions where they are found.

"Roadside Memorials" is the first book in a planned series of books about roadside altars, popular shrines, and pilgrimage sites around the United States and the world. These are places shared by all of us, and as such the authors would like to invite anyone who has photographs of such memorial sites to submit them to us to be considered for inclusion in the book.
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